Discover the music of Paul Lucas. Here you will find a collection of his albums – you can stream them free from his Soundcloud account.

Musicians will enjoy Paul’s instructional guitar books.

Melting Pot

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‘Melting Pot’ is a result of a love affair with Afro-Samba and the music of Baden Powell, and while it draws upon many influences, we owe a debt of gratitude to that tradition and to the musicians who dedicated their lives to the music they created.

Off the Floor

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‘Off The Floor’ is a collection of largely unheard tracks, outtakes and live performances from various projects and time periods. Recorded live ‘off the floor,’ they share that raw performance sound, warts and all, that’s only possible when musicians play together in the same room, at the same time.

Piccoli Fiori

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‘Piccoli Fiori’ is music for solo guitar. Several of these pieces were written purely for the solo instrument, but many are ‘heads’ for pieces designed for improvisation that had enough musical integrity to stand on their own.